Gosia Fusinska - Chinese/English/Polish

I’ve been working as an independent interpreter for companies and private individuals since 2009; I interpret both from and into Polish (first language), Mandarin Chinese and English. My specialties cover a wide range of fields, namely those of banking, business, marketing and communications. Due to my studies and frequent research trips, I am able to guarantee a precise cultural mediation, which is central to the so called technical interpreting, as much as it is to literary translation.


My qualifications:

-       2006  Master degree in Economics

-       2008 Posgraduate studies in Logistics

-       2010 HSK 4 Chinese intermediate level exam

-       2012 HSK 5 Chinese advance level exam

-       2014 HSK 6 Chinese proficiency level exam 

-       2014 BCT B Business Chinese proficiency level exam 

-       2012-2013 Business Chinese – Technical writing

-       4 years translation experience

-       Proficiency in MS office and other PC 


HSK 6 and BCT (B) exam certificates

  • HSK 6 certificate is the highest level exam in Chinese language, proving proficiency in reading, writting and listening.   
  • BCT (B) certificate is the highest level exam in Chinese business language.

Translation gallery

Experience in: 


  • food
  • packaging
  • leather products
  • steal
  • welding equipment 
  • photovoltaic panels 
  • biomas generators 
  • medical equipment 
  • white goods equipment 
  • phones and phone systems
  • dietary supplements 
  • bank funds and investment funds
  • WOFE or JV start up
  • police reports  
  • litigations 
  • business contracts and agreements 
  • company documentations 
  • heavy equipment 
  • car oils 
  • etc. 

Contact: gosia@sinobizz.com