Business Translations

Do you need professional translation or interpretation? Do you need your documents to be translated? Do you search for exhibition hostesses speaking Chinese? You are on the right track to get it!


SinoBizz offers written and oral translations in:

-       Polish – Chinese

-       Chinese – Polish

-       English – Chinese

-       Chinese – English


Oral translations:

-       exhibition hostesses translations / interpretation in China

-       exhibition hostesses translations / interpretation in Poland

-       Chinese – English - Polish speaking business assistant

-       business meetings

-       negotiations

-       business correspondence

-       factory visit translations

-       telephone translations / teleconferences

-       business coordination


Written translations:

-       commercial, scientific and technical text

-       contract

-       business correspondence

-       marketing material

-       product package, brochure, business card, catalogue, brochure, webpage, instruction etc.

-       proofreading

-       CV/PS translation



-       business trip organizing in China and Poland

-       leisure tour guiding in China and Poland

Meetings, negotiations, document translations